The Sewing List

A couple of days ago, Erin (over at A Dress a Day) posted her sewing to do list. As I've had mine milling about in my brain for some time, but not quite making it to paper, I thought I'd brainstorm it here.

  1. Finish art smock for Helen
  2. Finish handkerchiefs for Mary
  3. Clean sewing room
  4. Revisit the skirt I am working on
  5. Make myself an apron from this pattern
  6. Search for a coat pattern - I am looking for something military-esque, but knee length and somewhat flared that could be made out of Gore-tex fabric (I live in sunny Vancouver, you know). I cannot stand these tube-shaped parkas that all the moms in my neighbourhood seem to be wearing. It's wet here, not bitterly cold.
  7. Experiment with sewing knit material by refashioning two lousy t-shirts into one funky nightgown
  8. Pick apart the tiered skirt I made for myself last summer and remake it
  9. Find shirtdress pattern
  10. Make vitagey flowered cotton into said shirtdress
Well, that's ten so I had better stop. Who knows how long that list will take me?


doris said…
hey watch it! "bitterly cold" is a relative term! (not that i would be caught dead it the "tube-shaped parka" . . . the apron is freaking adorable. :D
It's fine to be warm. And I live in a very pedestrian neighbourhood, so being warm is important in the winter. But these coats look nice on incredibly thin women when they are standing still. Once they move, they look ridiculously lumpy.

I'm no fashionista, but I have come to the place in my life where if I am prepared to plunk down a chunk of money for a garment, then it had better look fabulous AND be highly functional.

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