Snow Pictures!

Here are a few pictures of the snow here at our house in Vancouver. The folks who have lived here for decades say that they haven't ever seen this much snow at one time here.

Here is the front of our house on Monday before Christmas. The snow had started falling the Wednesday before and then it snowed again on Sunday. Then it snowed again on Christmas Eve. And it is snowing more now. The weather folks keep predicting a rise in temperature and the onset of rain, but we haven't seen it yet. It's a bit ridiculous - no one here is prepared for this!

And here is our backyard. What you can't see is the deck. And the back steps. And this photo was only taken after the first couple of snowfalls!

David and Peter tried measuring the snow on Monday. Looks close to 11 inches to me. I wonder how much is on the ground now?

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Amy said…
Wow, a white Christmas. I bet the kids were thrilled!

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