Dratted Handkerchiefs

Edited to add photos below.

I have signed myself up for another craft fair. This one is next Monday at Little Nest. Eeeek. Here is my to-do list:

  • Sew children's traditional kitchen apron to have as a sample for people to order. (just needs the buttons sewn on the straps)
  • Take photos of my kids wearing the art smocks and kitchen aprons.
  • Lighten the photos of my kids wearing the backpack doll carriers.
  • Make a sign for the art smocks.
  • Make a sign for the kitchen aprons.
  • Take all three signs to the printer.
  • Sew more bookmarks.
  • Sew handkerchiefs*.

*I thought this was going to be ridiculously simple and a great low-cost gift item. Not so. I found fabulous fabric and I have a baby hem foot for my machine, but the darned corners are too thick to run through the foot. I am going to have to hand-stitch the corners of something like 20 handkerchiefs in order to finish the ones I already started. I am going to try a different technique on a few of the others I have waiting to sew. But I will still have to hand sew the corners of the 20 or so that I started. That's 80 corners. Bleh.

Here is a blurry picture of the neat-o fabrics I purchased to make handkerchiefs.

Notice how the corner is all pulled wonky. Grrrr.


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