Done with Craft Sales for a While

Phew! Today's craft sale was OK, but not fabulous. It was only four hours and on a Monday afternoon and probably not terribly well advertised.

I have orders to fill for (are you ready?) Handkerchiefs! Of all the fiddly little pesky things! I have to make 8 handkerchiefs for customers. (Granted, I should be able to get this done in an evening, but I am tired of the little boogers.)

Oh well.
My AC adapter is toast again. Fortunately it is under warranty.


Karen said…
Hi! I feel you on the craft fairs. I hardly did any this year b/c of traveling for work. I found you on Giveaway Day and glad I did! I'm doing another giveaway; stop by when you get a chance!
doris said…
little boogers . . . bwahahaha.

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