I thought I would share a glimpse of the fabrics I am using for the All-Handmade Sale next month. First up are the fabrics I used for kids' art smocks. I used Simplicity 3802 view A except that I left off the pockets and made a button and loop closure at the back of the neck rather than making ties out of bias binding. I used these instructions to make continuous bias binding.

The top fabric is my least favourite, but I used it anyway. I loved it in the shop. The smocks made from this fabric have the same fabric for the bias binding. The navy fabric with the flowers and the other multicoloured fabric looked great together, so I made some smocks in one fabric with bias binding of the other and vice versa.

I also made smocks out of this blue and aqua paisley with the smaller print aqua fabric for bias binding.

My other major item are baby doll back pack carriers. They are patterned a bit after the Ergo baby carriers, but these are for children to carry their beloved dolls with. I am targeting the 2-5 year old set here as older children probably wouldn't use them (and i didn't want to make two sizes). I made up my own pattern and process, and I will share that eventually, but it will be picture intensive.

Here are two of the baby doll carrier fabrics the paisley is the outside and the stripes are the lining and the straps. I also have a lighter, more violet coloured paisley that I paired with a plain dusty pink fabric and a couple of carriers made from a fabric with a bright, primary coloured fish print that I paired with a goldenrod fabric.

Today I bought the two fabrics above as well. I felt I needed to have more gender-neutral offerings.

I won't use all of the fabrics and I will bring fabric swatches to the sale so that customers can place an order if I run out of something.


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