Butterfly Headpiece Nearly Completed Part 2

Here you can see the topstitching near the edge. I also stitched as much as I could along the center seam to tack the inside to the outside.

Antennae in the making. Each one is made from one chenille stem folded in half with the folded end smashed into a triangular shape. The stem is then twisted tightly a couple of times to close the triangle base and then loosely twisted to keep the ends together. I then hand stitched the bases to the hood.

Below the hood is nearly finished. All that it lacks is some hook and loop tape on the flaps and possibly a couple of pom-poms for the ends of the antennae. (Although I like the unadorned antennae a fair bit.)

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KM said…
I envy your talent and patience for sewing...
Of course as it turned out, I made the hood too small. But it went together so quickly that I am cranking out another one this afternoon.

Then it will be done.

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