Five Years. It's Been Five Years.

So it's been five years since I posted here. And truly, those last two years were pretty spotty. There have been many times over the past five years that I wanted to come back, but due to forgotten passwords and associated email addresses and expired credit cards and someone else taking over my previous domain name, well, it was just too many hoops to jump through for a long time.

There is so much to say. So much has happened. But I think I will start fresh and only occasionally show you something that I made during my hiatus.

Some of my links in my old posts won't work anymore and I will try to go back through and remove the links, but I am not promising to get them all.

But guess what? The undershirts that are in the previous post? David only JUST retired them this winter. They lasted five years of regular wear for seven or eight months a year. Wow.

And because I don't want to leave you without anything to look at, here is a stuffed elephant I recently made for a birthday gift from a BurdaStyle Magazine. We added the mustache because the recipient is "very into mustaches". I used two layers of a cotton jersey and instead of stuffing the ears as per the directions, I used a layer of polar fleece.

CAUTION: The pattern suggests you use a woven fabric, but if you did that, you would need to do something magic with the edges so they didn't fray. The seam allowance called for is TINY. I used 1/4 of an inch and couldn't have made it bigger due to the shape of the main body piece.

It's pretty cute, though!


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