Another Burda 03-2009-105!

Earlier this summer I made another of these skirts. They are excellent: comfortable, breezy, have ample pockets, enough room for cycling, etc. I also have a thing for patchwork plaid fabric. Well, really, it's just a thing for plaid fabric. And stripes. Anyway, I bought the fabric for a skirt for me, and ended up using the remnants for shorts for Lucy (which you have already seen).

This skirt differs from my two previous iterations in one significant way and one minor way. Funny that the minor difference kept me from wearing it all summer, but I digress. The major difference is that I added a lining. I used ivory Bemberg rayon. For this lining, I cut the pieces the same size as the skirt, but just took two larger pleats on the front and two on the back - off set from the skirt pleats to avoid added bulk. I also took a heftier hem. I like a heavy hem on a full skirt.

The lining was the only difference until the second or third wearing of the skirt when I found that the tape on my invisible zipper had begun to disintegrate! The zipper wouldn't pull past the problem area. Well, guess how much I like to replace zippers? Yep. Not at all. I tend toward being a creator rather than a mender. So the skirt sat in my sewing room all summer. Ridiculous!

Finally, on Labour Day weekend, I removed the old zipper and gave the skirt some thought. I decided that the invisible zip didn't like all the seams in the patchwork fabric, so I put in a lapped zip. Scruffy Badger's tutorial* helped inspire me.This worked pretty well, though, since the seam allowances were pretty small, I added a bit of bias binding to the raw edge of the lap side to make it work. I have long since run out of matching thread for the blue yoke pocket inset, I used a combination of machine stitching the zipper in over the patchwork and hand stitching over the blue.

It really didn't take THAT long to fix the skirt and I am glad I did. I wore it all day today. (Thankfully, it is still a bit warm this week here in Vancouver.) The bonus is that the skirt goes so well with this blouse I thrifted a couple of weeks ago to wear to a job interview. Sweet!

Oh my goodness! I am wearing my old Crocs for my blog!

*I have a number of sewing reference books with goodness knows how many instructions for inserting a lapped zipper. But something about Scruffy's text and photos really clicked with me this time.


Very cute skirt! Going back to fix a project is the WORST, but I have never regretted it.
Jack said…
Very lovely skirt.

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