High-waist Full Skirt

Two posts in two days! Crazy!

Long, long ago, during the summer of our house renovations, I started a dress. The Monique Dress by Serendipity Studios. I added a lining, altered the neckline, made my own piping, blogged about my excitement here and my problem-solving success here. Then I tried it on to mark the zipper placement. Oh, woe. So it sat in a drawer. For two years.

Two years.

Finally, this year I took it apart. I decided that I really liked the skirt portion. And that's what it became. A high-waisted full skirt: Pardon the headless shot - couldn't get decent-looking hair and a nice expression working with the self-timer feature.

And it's pretty good! The waist band is a little snug and gets pretty hot on a warm day, but overall, it's a good, useful skirt. I installed the zipper so that it was exposed, but I am thinking that this feature is kind-of lost on the full skirt - not to mention that a zipper shield would have been nice! The other problem is that the zipper comes undone a bit while wearing. I added a tab and button to the inside to keep it together, but this only prevents it from falling off - the zipper keeps sinking anyway.

I'm glad to have the UFO out of my drawer and something useful hanging in my closet instead!


What a great save! The longer something has been a UFO, the more triumphal it is to move it out of that status. I wish I had an answer for the skirt. I had a pair of pants whose zipper kept falling down and I finally started safety pinning the zipper pull to the inside of the fly, but with an exposed zipp that would look a little odd....
I was looking around about the monique dress (I just made my first ever piece of clothing, sew serendipity's bebe dress). I started with your original post 2 years ago and read quite far forward then figured I'd come up to the present day. Was delighted that you managed to resolve everything and think it looks great :)
It does feel good to not have this particular UFO sitting around anymore. Thanks, Crafty Womble! I hope you enjoy making this dress. I might ought to give it another go, but there are a million dresses out there...

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