Sewing Geek Moment

One Sunday in late November, we took our kids to the movies. Now this was only their second time in a movie theatre for two reasons: 1) we are not made of money, and 2) a year and a half ago, when they went to see a movie for the first time (it was some talking dog movie), it was TOO SCARY for my 6 year old son who had to keep leaving the theatre - yes, we were that family.

So anyway, this time we took our kids to see The Muppets. We have rented DVDs of The Muppet Show, so they were acquainted with the characters and some of the regular jokes. The movie was a hit with all of them. But this isn't a charming family moment blog post. No.

Throughout the movie, I was struck by the costumes for Amy Adams. Very vintage inspired. But toward the end of the movie something made me sit bolt upright in my seat and poke my husband and whisper furiously to him. Unfortunately, he was entirely the wrong audience.  You are the correct audience.

So I'm calling a do-over. You sit there all still and attentive, scroll down to the picture, and then imagine me poking you in the arm.

Sarah: (whispering loudly) That blouse!! It's made of silk twill! Some of the bloggers I read have sewn with that EXACT material!
Esteemed Blog Reader: You're right! How fun is that! (end scene)

For the record, Carolyn made a jacket from it, Elizabeth made a dress from it, and Trena admits to buying the fabric and later says she made a dress - but I can't find the evidence. I am sure other bloggers I read bought and sewed up that fabric, but my rudimentary Google searching skills haven't located them.

I'm such a sewing geek.


SEWN said…
I know!!! I heard that "my" fabric had been used. So cool. I can't wait to see the movie. The Muppet Show was my favorite show growing up.
JBS said…
ha! i'm sure david didn't quite get the comment, but i know he appreciated the YOUness of it. :)

Sewingelle said…
So very cool! This is another reason I love the online sewing world!
lsaspacey said…
Yes, I also was in the theater going 'I know that fabric!' This is the version that I remember. please check out my post from yesterday on the costumes here.
Right! I knew there was another one out there in blog-land. Good remembering.
Amazing!!! I really did make a dress out of it, in the Fall of 2010, and I still haven't worn or photographed it (silk is not practical for a summer dress, I later realized, due to sweat stains). Good eye!

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