Halloween Completed!

So I guess as a sewing blogger, you either post the Halloween photos and discussion on November 1 when everyone else is doing so, or you wait more than a week when maybe people are interested again? That's what I'm hoping, anyway!

Halloween has come and gone and we had a good time. Clara decided to be a true four year old and not allow me to photograph her in her costume, so I only have this one from when I was constructing her wings:

I looked at a couple of homemade parrot costumes for tiny children to draft the wings, but if I had to do it again, I would make them differently. Clara decided against tailfeathers, which was probably a very wise choice as the felt wing feathers were heavy and kind of stiff. I should have invested a tad more cash and bought a couple of "feather" boas in each colour. That would have been lighter and would have pleased Clara a great deal.

At the last post, Peter's costume only lacked a holster. I had to drive a couple of towns over to buy some brown vinyl that I deemed thick enough for a holster, but it went together fairly easily. I used a diagram from this site to guide my construction and actually made him stand with a sheet of tissue paper wrapped around his body to sketch the holster outline to fit him. The holster attaches to his belt by way of two snaps on each end. The only four small snaps I owned - none of them match each other! I need to remember to pick up snaps next time I am at Dressew. He decided (and received permission) to carry his sister's "space blaster" as his gun - as it lights up and makes noise.


Lucy's cape came together very simply, though I kind-of wish that I had held firm on making it out of red wool as it would have been warmer. But, it also would have been more expensive and bulkier and wouldn't have fit nicely into the dress-up box. So probably the crushed panne velour and tricot lining were the correct choice. It is simply a half-circle and a hood copied from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew. This hood is nice because it isn't pointy like the one from the Simplicity pattern last year was.

As much as I like sewing complete costumes, I am glad we were able to buy her dress and turtleneck at a thrift store. Ideally, she would have had black boots that buttoned up the sides, but we both realized that was incredibly unlikely. She desperately wanted ringlets, so off to youtube we went and found that most of the instructions for ringlets called for curling irons and hair products that I didn't have. Then I thought of rag curls and found a helpful video (which I can't find now, but there are a hundred or more of them), so that's what we tried. It worked pretty well and she was very pleased.

Oh and would you just look at this face! She's so blasted cute! And those teeth (or the lack thereof)!


What great costumes! The kids look like they had a lot of fun on Halloween.
Sharolyn said…
Nice work Sarah! All very cute. And I have an especial soft spot for the little parrot girl.

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