Back from the Dead? or Halloween is Coming!

I am still here and sewing. Summer is just a crazy hard time for me. No routines. (And I've gotten hooked on Grey's Anatomy - thankfully, I'm almost all caught up.)

But Halloween is coming and that means exciting sewing around here! Here's the list of costumes:

Me!: Cruella DeVil - fake fur coat
Clara: Red Macaw Parrot - fleece jumpsuit with wings and beak attached
Lucy: Little Red Riding Hood - Red cape with hood, simple red and white dress
Peter: Han Solo - black denim slim cut pants, white shirt with standing collar, black vest with round neck, belt/holster

That's a lot! I have muslined my coat and tissue fitted Clara's jumpsuit. Here is what the coat looks like:


I am using out of print McCall's 5064 - A Palmer/Pletsch wardrobe pattern that I bought at the Pattern Review weekend in Portland. For Cruella DeVil, I think the coat needs larger lapels (double the size?) and perhaps narrower sleeves. I like the size of the main body of the coat. I have purchased my fabric - four metres of a long-haired white fake fur and red lining.


Karin said…
There is a lot on your list! You guys are going to look fab this Halloween. I was a mean mommy and refused to sew new costumes when we have lots of old bits and pieces that I felt could be used "creatively" this year.
Thanks! Nothing starts the sewing juices flowing for me like costumes. I love costumes.

I went to see a musical recently and sat through the whole thing thinking about the costume choices - colour, shape, style, etc. and what that communicated about each character. There's a ballet coming to town set to Elton John's music. I would love to go just to feast my eyes on the costumes.

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