Simplicity 3775 Fail

Attentive readers who hang on my every utterance will recall that after I made my first version of Simplicity 3775, I was a little overwhelmed by the print. This is reasonable since I almost never wear that much print. So I promptly made a couple of alterations to the length of the ruched waistband and stitched up another in a solid.

Sigh. Look:

Don't I look like a rectangle in a dress? It's really pretty funny. I am so glad that I didn't cut out another one. Obviously drapey skirts do a whole lot of nothing for my narrow hips. Particularly with a snug fitting top that accentuates my curve-less middle.

All that to say that I have carefully folded this pattern back up into its envelope to save for someone else down the road. I will still wear these dresses, but I will wear them with my denim jacket over the top, masking the rectangularity.


Karin said…
It happens to us all. It's hard to know how things will look till you finally try them on sometimes. And you have to take a chance sometimes. I hope your next project is a "slam dunk!"
nommh said…
I'm a hipless wonder myself. My hips are two sizes smaller than the rest. But I love dresses and with fabric that has some body I can sew myself some hips. But knits are tricky.

See you around for the June Challenge?
Bibliophile said…
I've been looking for the Simplicity 3775 pattern for a few month's now, without success. I guess it must have been popular and those people who used it must have liked the results a lot. That's bad news for me since it's out of print. So, would you be willing to sell it to me? I'm a size 12 in Simplicity, if that's the one you have. If so I'n willing to pay a fair price, I'm over in the UK so would need it posting international. Maybe I can pay by Paypal? Anyway, I'm a genuine sewer and I appreciate my approach is unconventional, but I hope you would consider my offer in spite of that


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