Have I Ever Told You

the amazing thing my husband does for work? No?

David works for an organisation called JustWork.  It's this unique social enterprise that employs folks who have significant barriers to traditional employment - barriers like mental illness, addictions, and homelessness. They operate out of a community-based mindset rather than a profit-margin mindset (or even a traditional charity mindset), focusing on what people can do rather than focusing on their struggles. These folks often feel worthless and useless because of their barriers, but through their work and the community of workers they find affirmation and validation.

JustWork runs three small businesses: JustRenos, JustCatering, and JustPotters. It's JustPotters that I want to tell you about. They are gearing up for a big fundraiser...

Their plan is to throw pottery for 24 hours. They are looking for folks who would donate a minimum of $1 per hour. The money they raise will purchase a new kiln and continue to pay good folks for beautiful work. It's really easy to donate money, you don't have to be local and you don't have to mail a cheque. Through CanadaHelps, you can donate online using a credit card or PayPal*.

Here's a lovely little video about the pottery studio:

If you do happen to be local and want to see the pottery being thrown, you can come on down to the Commercial Drive Car-Free Festival on June 19th. JustPotters will be near the Ten Thousand Villages shop at Commercial Drive and William Street. You can follow updates on this event on the Pottery-24 facebook page, too.

*Full disclosure: To reiterate, I am married to the Community Manager of this organisation and I am friends with several of the staff. Also, for every ten of you who donate $24 (and include my name in the message box), I will receive a teacup made during the marathon.

I will have a sewing post in another day or two. 

EDITED on May 31 to fix the Canada Helps link. Sorry about that, everyone.


Beangirl. said…
very cool!
Yes, seriously. So many folks who live on or near the street are creative people.

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