Ruffle-Front Blouse? Not Anymore!

Hey friends!

So, I more or less ignored my children today (OK, not really - but they did play happily for quite some time) and got to work making a muslin of the banded collar ruffle front blouse (Burda 04-2010-105). Of course, I got so into making the ruffles and checking all of the instructions to be sure I understood everything, it wasn't until late tonight that I realized that the ruffles on the front of this blouse just aren't my thing.

First off, the ruffles were HUGE. I tried cutting them in half, but it still just looked like I was wearing a bib. The top itself fit very nicely, and I really liked the collar and the neckline, so I started playing around. The slit neckline is at least an inch and a half too low for my lifestyle, but I think that rather than try to engineer a new slit, I think I will add a cute button and loop right at the fullest part of my bust. I think the button will add a bit of interest to what will be a fairly plain top since I am eliminating all of the ruffles.

I also added fisheye darts to the front, to give the top a bit more shape. Without the darts, I could pull the top over my head without a zipper in the side seam, which makes it easy to wear, but it puffed out funny around my stomach. I just tried on my new and improved muslin and I am terribly excited! Now I just need to make sure I have matching thread and appropriate buttons and I am all set to make a couple of summer blouses! Stay tuned for some photos...

Then it's back to the realistic sewing of making a couple of knit dresses for spring.


Karin said…
Knit dresses are good too! Sorry you went through so much effort on the blouse before discovering it wasn't the right look for you.
I have been wanting to make that top, though I'm second-guessing my choice of fabric. I'll keep in mind about the ruffles!

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