Today I am not feeling 100%. I may be about to come down with whatever bug has the rest of my family. I am certainly in a funk of some sort. I stayed in bed for a long time this morning and then this afternoon I got back into bed and mostly stayed there.

I wasn't tired enough to sleep and I am all caught up on my promised sewing (well, except for one shirt, but I still need to measure that friend), so I decided to pull out my most recent fabric purchases and my pattern notebook. Without further ado, here are the fabrics:

Nice, eh? I definitely gravitate towards cool pinks, purples, and blues. I also tend toward black in the summer, but charcoal grey in the winter. Here are some of the ideas for the fabrics:

I am hoping I have enough blue batiste/lawn/voile for that ruffled blouse (Burda 04-2010-105). The blue is the third from the left in the top photo. It is quite sheer, however, so I might need to line it. If that pattern turns out well, I'll make it again in the white and purple print silk-cotton batiste/lawn/voile (it's between the stripe and the darker purple print) which would also need lining.

The tie-dyed jersey will become the drapey dress (Burda 05-2010-105). I am hoping it will look edgy rather than dumpy. I'm not sure about the ruffled skirt dress. At this very minute I am not inspired to make it, so I should have cropped it from the photo.

I'd like to turn the grass-green jersey into the bubble-sleeved top (Burda 02-2009-118). And I am intrigued by the idea of making the godets of the girl's skirt (Burda 05-2007-138) out of the polka dotted lawn, but that would require a coordinating fabric in just the right weight for the rest of the skirt.

The raspberry jersey (near the polka-dot lawn) and the aqua jersey will become more Simplicity 3775s, though the aqua will have short sleeves and a round neck (and maybe the twist at the midriff rather than the ruching).

A closer look at the black fabrics.

I'd like to try turning the batik into the princess seamed shift Simplicity 8884 (vintage: from my mother-in-law) albeit with a bateau neckline. The embroidered eyelet will become the spaghetti-strap dress (Burda 05-2007-124).

Some of the other fabric shown has plans in store for my little girls. Perhaps I will trace those and post them later.


Karin said…
So Pretty! I especially like the bird and butterfly fabrics.
Meredith said…
i'm like having fabric envy now! love it all. have fun with all that lovely-ness:)

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