Fleece Top for Me!

So, the last time I posted about Jalie 2682 I said I wanted to give the pattern away. I think I still do.

It's a fine pattern, but I think the collar/shoulder area doesn't sit right on my body and due to the funky nature of the pattern pieces, I'm not sure how I would adjust this.

But! The fleece top is warm and cozy without being bulky. The collar does come up onto the back of my neck to help keep me warm, and the front makes a nice narrow V to keep me from looking like a sausage. The other bonus is that the front bodice/collar piece is folded over on itself, so it is extra warm. I wonder if I would like a more traditional shawl-collared top for a fleece top. Hmmm.

Anyway, I am fairly certain that I only bought the amount of fleece suggested by the pattern, but I ended up with enough leftover to make a nightgown for Clara. So I did.

And now I have a fleece top to replace the old old old one I had in a similar colour! Hooray!


It looks great. Nicely done. This post makes me wish I could sew.

Yay for making clothes for yourself and not just the kiddies, although I know you love that too.
j.kaori said…
This turned out great! I love how you were able to make something for your daughter as well --- great use of fabric!

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