Advent 2010

Hello Friends!

The season of Advent is upon us. Technically, it started on Sunday, but at our house we begin on December 1. (It's easier for us to keep track of that way.) Long time readers may remember that last year we observed Advent with Afternoon Activities. We enjoyed it so much, that we are doing it again! Luckily we saved all of the little envelopes and a few of the slips of paper with the activities written on them.

And yes, those are dirty lunch dishes still on the table, thankyouverymuch.

In the interest of transparency, I would like to point out that while overall the project was a success, several of the activities flopped. We have left those activities out. We added in activities that prepare our house for Christmas. We also replaced a few of the crafty activities with new crafty activities.

Here's our list for the year (and we may switch a few things around yet...)
  1. Make hot chocolate with whipped cream
  2. Play Uno
  3. Make paper snowflakes
  4. Package gifts for family and friends
  5. Go for a walk in the woods
  6. Make a list of gifts you want to give
  7. Get out Christmas CDs
  8. Have pancakes for dinner
  9. Bake cookies
  10. Watch  A Charlie Brown Christmas
  11. Put out Nativity set
  12. Put up outside lights
  13. Make cardboard marionnettes
  14. Make paper chains
  15. Dress fancy for dinner
  16. Sing Christmas carols
  17. Look at Christmas lights after dinner
  18. Get Christmas tree
  19. Build a fort
  20. Begin a puzzle
  21. Decorate Christmas tree
  22. Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  23. Board Game Day
  24. Roll pennies and give them away


Mamabear said…
We did the same culling of activities and added some different ones. I do really like including 'must do' Christmas activities like making teacher gifts into the weeks. Makes me feel like I'm doing less, but more...if that makes sense!
j.kaori said…
I love this idea! Fun!

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