Sorry for the Blog Silence

I have all kinds of things I want to write about, but for the past week my every spare moment has been taken up with this:

I have participated in this sale the previous two years. Last year I volunteered on the committee and organized the vendors. This year I am coordinating the entire thing (with help from two volunteers). If you live in the area, please come. There is no cover charge, and this sale is almost entirely folks from our neighbourhood.

If you like pottery, come to the sale. If you like jewelry, come to the sale. If you like knitting, come to the sale. If you like food, come to the sale. If you feel the urge to compete in an apple pie contest, leave a comment and I will send you the pertinent details, and then come to the sale.

Seriously, this sale is so much more fun and has such a more welcoming vibe than most others I've been to.


Leah said…
Hope it goes well! Love to come, but not sure if I can get out that way.

Have a great sale!
I hope it was a success! Having done a big conference for work, these things truly are all-consuming.

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