Halloween 2010 - Part 3 Elephant

Clara, thankfully, decided that she would wear the elephant costume that we already had (I made it for Peter when he was four.) I only had to shorten the legs a bit, and did that by adding more wrinkles! This costume was made from a thrifted hoodie and sweat pants with stiff felt ears attached to the hood and a tail attached to the back of the jacket.

The trunk was made from a piece of pipe insulation wrapped around some wire filled foam thing we had around the house. That was then wrapped with grey felt hot glued in place. The trunk is held to the hood with a piece of elastic, but she has to lift it over her nose for the full effect.

She had a pretty good time in this costume and she stayed warm since it was easy to put on over other layers of clothes.

This concludes my posts of Halloween 2010. You can be looking forward to posts about curtain-making and purchased turtleneck revamping (sausage no more!)


Stephanie said…
My goodness. Look at that smile!
Thanks! She's always been a smiley child. (Well, except when she's not - she is three after all.)
Adorable!!! Love this idea for a practical, (relatively) easy, but high-impact costume.

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