Oh, woe.

I am defeated and heartbroken. (Hyperbole is the best, don't you think?)

The Monique Dress. Made of dark wash chambray. That I lined. And added corded piping. And increased the waistband so as to make me look less pregnant. And added side seam pockets.

Tonight I got David to pin me into the thing and have him mark the seam line so that I could insert the lapped zipper (another pattern change from the invisible zipper called for) and hem the dress tomorrow.

It's not flattering. As my very kind husband put it, "The weight that you have lost doesn't show." (Diplomatic, isn't he? He should really work for the UN or something.) And the bust darts are screwy.

Woe is me. I have to take much of it apart. I have to fix bust darts. I have to remove piping from the current waistband. I have to re-draft the waist band to make it wider yet. And add piping to it. And reattach the skirt. And remake the lower half of the lining (waistband and skirt).

And then I have to insert the lapped zipper and hem.

It will be cute. One day.


Mamabear said…
I love it. "the weight you lost doesn't show". Classic.
LOL. Tell me about it. I knew it wasn't going to be good because it took him two or three full minutes to compose his response.
That's got to win the prize as most diplomatic husband comment EVER.
Anonymous said…
Go David.

But you should be careful about the rumors you are going to start with, "makes me look less pregnant."
Anonymous said…
That was me, btw.


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