Vacation Pattern Acquisition Part 2 - Vintage Patterns

Hey everyone! One day while we were visiting my husband's family, his mom asked me if I would want to look through her collection of patterns to see if any were usable to me. Ermmm, YES!

There were several beautiful patterns that I left, but that I would gladly take if they are in danger of being tossed. They were sort of sentimental patterns. Not things I'd be likely to make, but beautiful garments that were some of the first that my mother-in-law ever sewed after she was given a sewing machine when she was thirteen. Hello, flirty '50s dresses! I left them in case my sister-in-law or her daughter might find them more sentimental than I do.

So instead I picked out a few others that I thought would look good on me and would translate well today.

For me:

For the girls:

And this terribly cute mother/daughter set:

One day I will whip some of these out. It will be interesting to compare the instructions to modern day patterns. Oh, and they are all Simplicity - except for the on McCall's (and I only brought that home to check out the instructions for the fly front).


gwensews said…
luck. E. You!
Thanks! It was a totally unexpected gift.
Oh how nice! Sweet of her to want to share and lucky that there were some cute patterns in there!
j.kaori said…
Very lucky! Those are great patterns. I also couldn't help noticing the prices on them --- crazy that they are under a dollar! Have fun sewing them!

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