Vacation Pattern Acquisition Part 1

Well, if you can't actually sew, you might as well buy patterns, right?

A couple of weeks before we left for our vacation Simplicity had a pattern sale that was only advertised through sewing blogs. I decided that this was the moment that I was waiting for. Here are the patterns that I ordered for myself:

I like square necklines and I have been looking for a sundress/pinafore/jumper with a square-ish neckline to make out of dark chambray. Then there's the now out-of-print knit dress 3775. The only reason I can think of that it is out of print is that everyone who sews already has a copy and the good folks at Simplicity were simply waiting for me to buy my copy. The last one, well, I don't actually remember. It has a square neckline, so that may have been my motivation.

And then there are the patterns that I purchased for the children.

I think the girls will love the first pattern. And it makes me laugh. I remember back when Daisy Kingdom was wildly popular in the '80s. And the fabric suggestions make me laugh also. Are you ready? "Daisy Kingdom fabrics" No joke. Mighty helpful with their descriptions, those Simplicity people. The other was purchased entirely out of guilt. And Peter's recent fascination with baseball.

Next time I'll have vintage patterns to share!


gwensews said…
That's what dreams are made of!

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