Nothing Tastes as Good...

I'm no Kate Moss. Granted. But there is something to her infamous quote.

A few months ago I joined Weight Watchers. Prior to joining I spent a couple of months taking a dance class that gave me a weekly look at my body in the mirror.

The first thing that I noticed? I am SHORT. Seriously! There is a reason why I use a step ladder in my kitchen every single day. I don't feel any shorter than anyone else (except remarkably tall people) but I am. I measure just about up to 5' 4" with my best posture. Of course the next thing I thought of was how this relates to my sewing - perhaps I need to study petite alterations.

The next thing I realized? I carry weight the same way my mother did. Only she was 6" taller than I am.

I saw myself heading down a path and I decided that it was time to really turn it around. No guilt. I have seen friends try Weight Watchers and it worked for them (at least for a time) and the idea of going to meetings for support and comraderie really appealed to me. My beloved husband is the same size as he was in high school (nearly 30 years ago) and he has amazing will power, so he really isn't much help when it comes to me changing my eating habits.

I spent the first two weeks being hungry and resentful. Then I got on a roll. I found a rhythm. About a month ago I noticed that when I eat as much as I used to (dinner for two, for me alone) I don't feel very well afterward. I still struggle when I am stressed. I don't want to eat, but I haven't figured out a workable alternative.

I feel good about myself. Not so much because I have lost a chunk of weight, but because I was determined to change and I did. Body image is important - anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Steph from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World agrees. Sometimes the way we feel about our bodies is a clue that we should do something about it. When you are healthy you have a better body image. It's as simple as that. Shannon at Hungry Zombie Couture has heard her call to make a U turn on her path, too.

Keep it up folks! Here's to 11 pounds less of me and new focus on building muscle. (And seriously, most days, no serving of ice cream would ever come close to tasting as good as my changing healthy body feels.)


Chris and Tiana said…
That's great! Hurray for you! You're totally right- body image is important, and being/feeling healthy is a big part of that. I'm proud of you! But really, I would be huge if I lived in your city full of yummy food...

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