I Finally Did It

I packed up the sewing room. I haven't really used anything other than the iron, board, and hand-sewing gear in weeks and it was killing me.

Tomorrow the mobile storage unit will arrive and a fair bit of my sewing gear will go in it. The photo below shows the gear I wanted to keep handy for next month - when we can (hopefully) inhabit at least the basement of our house.

From left to right across the top: drawers with sharps, marking and measuring tools, and bias tape; cardboard cutting surface; white box containing many of my patterns and my sewing reference books; ironing board. Next row: blue milk crate containing my Burda magazine collection - including pattern sheets and traced patterns, and other sewing magazines; Janome sewing machine; wine box containing sleeve board, press cloths, iron, desk lamp, tin of thread, power strips; under bed box containing fabric that I have plans/commitments to use upon our return.

This photo contains the items that will live for a few months in mobile storage: four large Rubbermaid bins of fabrics, vintage Singer, collapsible fabric scrap hamper, plastic bag chock full of mending, three more notion drawers, two boxes of patterns and other random stuff. I can't think about all of this too much or I will start to pilfer through it again.

And here is what I will pack to take with me when we visit in-laws and other friends. The wool pleat-front dress that needs its lining hemmed, the blue circle dress fiasco, and a small bag of hand-sewing gear.

In other news I recently went shopping for a bit more summer clothing. I am fairly certain that I will be sporting this outfit pretty frequently:

The stripes and the polka dots amuse me. And just in case you feel that pattern mixing/high-contrast outfit is clownish, I present you with the outfit my eldest daughter chose to wear down the hill to pick up Peter from school:

The little acorn didn't fall too far from the tree...


Karin said…
I love kid style! My little girls did/do the same thing :)
Julia said…
You and your daughter have wonderful STYLE!
LOL! Thanks y'all.
Anonymous said…
I don't know--she seems to know what she needs and wants in life--maybe we should just all follow her lead!

Good luck during your time of sewing deprivation!
doris said…
hey you!

check out my blog! heh. :)

russ said…
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