Putting things off...

Hey all!

So there is some nasty bug raging around my neighbourhood and both Peter and I caught it. Bleh. I was still confined to bed today - but that was simply due to lack of energy rather than active illness. It is so annoying. When I am in bed I feel fine. Then I get out of bed and try to do something normal and I can't manage it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

At one point this afternoon, I was so completely bored, that I actually wandered into my sewing area to think about packing (not to actually pack - that would have been pushing it) and I was inspired to take down my wool dress, decide on a hem length and pin up the hem. It still needs pressing and sewing (and the lining needs the same treatments), but that was all I had in me for that moment.

I haven't yet packed up my sewing stuff because demolition is on hold for a bit. The mud on the drywall has asbestos. Apparently this is actually pretty common and the variety of the asbestos is the "least harmful" type, but you have to have a licensed professional to dispose of it. (Anyone can take it down, but only a pro can take it to the disposal site. **eyeroll**) So tomorrow asbestos folks are coming to give us estimates. All this means that we may not have to pack up all our gear for another week or so. If only I felt better I might actually take advantage of this.

Oh, and Simplicity is having a sale only advertised through blogs and Facebook. Carolyn and Lori both posted about it, so I trucked on over (sitting in bed) and finally ordered the now out-of-print 3775 as well as a few other things.


Karin said…
Feel better soon!

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