Monday, Monday - Spread a bit thin

Gracious! Last week whipped by! Sorry for the blog silence. Sorry for the lack of photos. I can't seem to find my cable for my camera.

I am sorry to report that the rest of my life got in the way of my sewing. This left me a tad on the cranky side.

This week's sewing goals are:

  • Finish the costume vest. (The play is this weekend.) I have taken photos of the vest in progress, so I should have a blog post on that in a day or so.
  • And all the others from last week.

In other news, I have joined Weight Watchers. I don't have a lot to lose, but I haven't managed to do it on my own over the past year or two. I really enjoy eating (and I eat when I am stressed) and I don't like being sweaty. This makes weight gain nearly unavoidable. Hopefully, I will be able to change some of my habits.


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