Weekend Inspiration: April 9

May you enjoy these as much as I did!

Casey is Getting Organized. Her jewelry frames make me wonder if I could figure a way to display buttons or other sewing notions in a similar manner. Sort of tools as art, if you will.

Amanda (who deserves congratulations and regular foot massages) made this lovely blouse. I have that pattern, but am thinking about a lightweight knit rather than a woven. Possible?

Claudine made matching silk trench coats for her young daughters. Let me say that again. Matching. Silk. Trench. Coats.

Sharon whipped up Simplicity 3775 recently. I may now actually order the blessed pattern and make one just like it (different colors).

Sal has a Big Secret. When I read it I wanted to gather my friends together and walk down the street proud and confident in our real fabulousness.

I found this photo on flickr (investigating photo hosting methods as part of my blog overhaul) and am filled with desire to visit exotic places. However, I am not very tolerant of insects. Anyplace that lush must be teeming with them, right?

In the seemingly incessant rain, I found this outfit on What Would a Nerd Wear extremely pleasing. It's something about the juxtaposition of the floral and tulle with the utilitarian rubber.

We are finally at the stage of kitchen planning where we are considering colour, surfaces, etc. I have had this bookmarked for months.

And finally, because of the impending renovations, I am finding most of the entries at Unhappy Hipsters hilarious.


Did I say I would have a weekly plan today? Whoops!
Karin said…
I am enjoying your links- and good luck with the new kitchen!
doris said…
loving the new blog overhaul!
Thanks to you both!

Right now we are definitely leaning toward white cabinets with cobalt blue and sunshine/warm yellow accents. Floors? Counters? Who knows?

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