Weekend Inspiration: April 23

Image from The Guardian.

I have been cleaning out my sewing area and dreaming of what my sewing space could become. I have come to realize that while I value saving fabric scraps to make into other things, the likelihood of my doing so is slim - as is my physical space.

I gathered together all of my accumulated fabric scraps and paled at the thought of throwing them in the garbage. What can a home sewist do with all of these scraps? Who can turn them into something else?

A Google search for fabric recycling in my area turned up a few thrift stores (which I ignored) and one business: Trans Continental Textile Recycling. They have no website, so I gave them a call. The phone was answered by a very helpful person who listened to my question. She said that they do recycle fabric - both used garments and scraps. They purchase their materials by the pound from local thrift stores. So the best way for me to deal with my scraps is to bag them up and take them to the thrift store of my choice and Trans Continental will give the thrift store some money for them. Hooray!

What do you do with your scraps? Is there a textile recycling program in your area?


Steph said…
What a great idea. I like to use mine to stuff ottomans and so forth, but one can have too many ottomans.

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