Weekend Inspiration: April 16

Welcome to the weekend, everyone! It's time to think and dream.

Peter (not my little Peter) is wondering if glamour is dead. If glamour equals dressing in an unapproachable way, then for me, yes, glamour is dead. But drama and spark are not.

Kristy made the same dress I made... only hers is actually done! I still have to get someone to help me hem mine...

Neither Carolyn nor I will be placing ads of any sort on our blogs. She has enough readers that she is getting offers. The world at large has yet to discover that I am fabulously opinionated.

Steph has two practices I applaud: avoiding lying in bed unable to sleep for thinking through large/new sewing projects by organizing all of her work in a notebook AND she is making coats for herself and her spouse in an attempt toward sustainability in fashion.

In related news, I am actually slogging through the academic text Sustainable Fashion and Textiles by Kate Fletcher. Style blogger Franca reviewed the book most thoroughly. Even though it took three posts.

Elaine has exposed herself as not all that selfish. Perhaps she should seek medical help, but most certainly you (and I) should send a little something to her friend in Haiti.

Oh. If only I needed this guide to fabric shopping in Paris. Have I ever told you that I've never been off the continent of North America?

I love the colorful top Stephanie made for her sister.

What is inspiring you?

The lead photo is my little Clara. She is an inspiration to me. She generally enjoys life and has a great love of stories. When she plays by herself, she is usually telling stories - making up her own or remixing the ones we have read recently.


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