Monday, Monday

Hey Everyone!

Well, it's Monday. And among other things, today is the day I chart out my week (more or less). Here are my sewing goals for the week:

1. Finish sewing blanket for client. (Down to the ombre rainbow satin binding.) Must be finished tonight.

2. Cut out blue circle fabric into altered pattern pieces of Butterick 5348. Maybe I will have a bit of time for this Tuesday afternoon.
3. Find matching blue fabric for neckband. Wednesday morning, should the fabric gods smile upon me.
4. Begin assembling dress. Wednesday and in bits of time the rest of the week.

5. Read through Kids Sewing Company texts and consider the ins and outs of teaching sewing lessons in the fall. Anytime I'm not doing the other 4 things.


Anonymous said…
a dark chocolate neckline might look good too - if you can't find the turquoise...
True. Brown is a bit of a tricky color for me. Hopefully I can find something...
Eeesh! I completely forgot that I have to purchase a pattern (and, eventually fabric) for a costume for a play in May.

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