Monday, Monday (nearly Tuesday)

Hey folks!

What's up for you this week?

Around here there's a visit from the tooth fairy, an exterior inspection by the Vancouver building permit folks, a meeting with the city and the Board of Variance, a birthday party (someone is turning 7), and a silent auction. All on top of regularly scheduled activities. Phew! End April with a bang, why don't we?

Sewing goals for the week include:

  • Fabric shopping for the costume vest (which has been muslined and fitted)
  • Trying my slapdash attempt at fixing the blue circle dress
  • Cutting out another BWOF 05-2007-124 out of a purple print rayon. (see above photo)
  • Begin to work on a small folder project for a friend.

Thankfully, the couch cover project is officially on hold. The family drop-in center has ordered new couches (very similar in style, but slightly different measurements). Once they have the couches in, I will set myself a deadline and get the blessed things DONE!


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and for your sweet comment!
I'm so glad you're trying the fabric folder project. I've made several for friends, too. :-)

I should probably add...try to use small seam allowances, so the notebook will fit easily in the pocket when finished. (my first one was a bit snug).

Of course, from browsing through your lovely blog, it appears that your are much more accomplished seamtress than I. I doubt you'll have any trouble. :-)

Happy sewing!
Eugenia said…
Hi - just dropped in to say that I hope your sewing goals for the week are going well!
Sarah Von said…
That fabric is gorgeous!

I just wanted to pop over and thank you for entering the giveaway for my Karma Cards on the Daddy Likey blog! We've got a few sets left if you're still keen (cough, shameless self-promotion, cough) ;)

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