In Progress: Butterick 5348

This dress is in parts and ready to assemble! I have already fused the interfacing to the neckband, so I am ready to sew!

Unfortunately, it is time to get dinner ready.

In the photo above, you can see me on the floor busily cutting out the ruffles with my rotary cutter and quilting ruler. I don't know how other people cut out entire garments with a rotary cutter. I have the second to largest rotary cutter mat (18" x 24") available in my local shop and it is only big enough to do most bodice pieces. For the sake of my vanity, please note that my shirt (BWOF 02-2009-108) is hanging away from my front as I work.

Here are a couple of altered pattern pieces.

This is the back bodice. You can see that I have removed some width. The muslin had a very poofy back and this seemed to fix the problem. I also trimmed off half an inch from the bottom of the center back, through the folded bit and then tapered to nothing at the side seam. My muslin hung much longer in back than in front. I liked where it fell in the front, so I shortened the back.

This is the sleeve. I lengthened it by 3". There is no science to this measurement. The sleeves of my muslin were hitting my arm at an unflattering spot, so I lengthened them. I can always shorten them again if needed.

And here are the fabrics: a swirly brush stroke print cotton pique and a MATCHING linen (purchased at two different stores weeks apart). How excellent is that!? The linen will be used for the neckband and a waistband I am considering adding.


Karin said…
Oooo, I can't wait to see this one finished. I like to cut out patterns with a rotary cutter too.
gwensews said…
That's a beautiful print. I'm anxious to see your finished garment.

I have rotary cut for so long that it feels very natural to cut entire garments with the cutter. But, I do have a waist-high cutting table that makes accuracy easier.
That's gonna be a pretty dress!

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