Too Late to the Simplicity 3775 Party

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Well folks, whether you know it or not, I have been meaning for MONTHS to buy Simplicity 3775.

I waited too long. The highly reviewed dress is now out of print and no longer available at my local fabric stores. I'll have to see if Simplicity has a spare one lying around or if I can find one used somewhere...


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Check ebay and etsy.

This pattern is still available on the simplicity web site, for $9.95 USD.

I bought this pattern a couple of weeks ago at my local Joann's. Your local pattern store may still have a copy of it.

Gelbean, I have checked my local shops and they are out, alas.

Thanks lizb for sleuthing that out for me, now I just have to decide if I want to fork out the cash for international shipping or if I want to think up another solution...

I am late to the party too, and I have been sewing forever! My 18 year old wants me to rework a dress a friend gave her. She told me her idea and I bumped into this pattern online and now I, too, and drooling for this pattern!!! I guess I need to take a drive to where patterns are (WITH COUPONS) ..40 minutes away! :)