Feeling Introspective

So, Wednesday is supposed to be my sewing day, but today - mostly for circumstances beyond my control, not much sewing is happening.

I did get black hem lace stitched to the raw edge of my wool dress so I am another step closer to hemming it.

I also pulled out a couple of patterns - one to trace and muslin and one to cut out and sew - and I photocopied the fronts of a few envelope patterns for my pattern binder.

But beyond that I have spent my day reeling from a blow up with Lucy, then delving into a book about the Enneagram and generally being more introspective than usual.

I guess that's how life goes...


Digs said…
Hey, you know, it's those teeny little moments - like stitching a bit of hem edging down - that create progress. Rah, rah, keep it up!

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