Wednesday Sewing - bits and bobs

I managed several little things today.

  1. I took in the waistband of the brown wool skirt so I might wear it tomorrow. This was a totally slapdash endeavor since I didn't remove any existing stitching. If it is still a tad big when I wear it, I can throw in some elastic.
  2. I added a bit of length to a mini skirt that I made a couple of weeks ago by chopping and hemming a long knit skirt from the thrift store. (It's a perfectly fine length with leggings under it, but I got to thinking that I might want to wear it when the weather is warm enough to not require leggings, but then it might be too short.)
  3. I cut out and stitched together a sample nightgown for Lucy. Of course it turned out that she couldn't try it on because the neck opening was too small. I actually made a lot of mistakes on the nightgown because I was rushing. I'll fix the neckline tomorrow morning.
  4. I caught up on my photocopying of the Burda magazine's All Styles At-A-Glance for my pattern notebook.
  5. I sketched out my ideas for a summer handbag/purse. Pattern Review is holding a contest this March and I hope to enter.
  6. Tonight I started drafting the bag. I already have the outer fabric, but I will still need the lining fabric, interfacing, zippers, thread, and hardware. Exposed zippers in a welt opening, here I come!

That's all. Sorry I have no photos from today.


julia said…
You are a busy lady!

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