Pleating, Pleating. BWOF 10-2009-119

Lucky me, Clara and her little friend decided to play happily for long enough today that I felt courageous enough to try pleating a piece of the plaid wool large enough for the center front piece.

I started out by marking each of the previously pinned pleats with chalk. Then I put in a little thread tracing. The orange thread is the outside of the pleat and the lavender thread is where the fold meets the flat fabric. (Clever of myself, I thought... colour coding!)

Then I took my new seam gauge and proceeded to carefeully iron in all of the pleats.

The result of all of this careful (but blind) ironing was this:

Look at that the light blue stripes are in the center of each pleat! HOORAY!! But wait. The pleat on the left looks bigger than the pleat on the right. Awwww maaaaan.

So I undid the smaller side and repressed the pleats using my handy seam gauge to make the pleat on the right match the pleat on the left...

Look at that! The light blue stripe is in the center of each pleat and the pleats are almost precisely the same size! HOORAY!!

Thanks for everyone's comments and encouragement on the last post. You all are fabulous!


julia said…
Great job!!!!
Eugenia said…
Congratulations on a job well done!
Anonymous said…
Your pleats look amazing!! Nice job!

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