Lost in Translation...

Yesterday I stopped in for a bit at a local thrift store and picked up a "vintage" Nordstrom cotton velvet blazer. The only problem is that it is a caramel/camel brown (a very yellow brown). But it was inexpensive and it fit well so I figured I would try dyeing it.

Today I went to the fabric store downtown and purchased (among other things) a packet of dye. I opened the packet after lunch to read through the directions since this is a brand of dye I had never used before. SURPRISE! All of the instructions are written in Spanish! Now I did take Spanish in university, but that was a long time ago.

I went to the company's website hoping they would also have English instructions there, but no. So I copied the Spanish instructions from the website into Yahoo's Babel Fish and here is the result (there's a fair bit of Spanish remaining, but I think I get the gist):

DYEING WITH WASHING MACHINE (NEITHER WOOL CAN BE DYED NOR SOOTHES) It uses rubber gloves. Although some parts of the washing machine (rubbers of the door), can be stained with the dye, these will not fade in later washings.
1º) Weighs the dry weave in and lávelo even if he is new, to clear the spots or nonvisible dirt to the eyes and déjelo humid.
2º) Programs the washing machine in the longest cycle and warms up without using prewashing.
3º) Abra to the tin with a can opener either sharp object, in the middle dissolves to the dye liter of very hot water, remuévalo or and introdúzcalo in the drum of the washing machine.
4º) By each dye tin 30 gr. of hot water salt (of the faucet) and introdúzcalo in the drum of the washing machine.
5º) Puts the humid and unfolded weave in the washing machine, prepares the washing machine in the longest program and warms up WITHOUT PRELAVADO, póngala in march and leaves I carried out the complete cycle.
6º) Serve the weave of the washing machine and dries it in the shade and far from any source of heat, it does not use the dryer.
7º) Washing the washing machine putting it in the longest cycle and warms up with its habitual detergent and a lye cup.

Good times... wish me luck!


doris said…
that is hilarious. it is reminiscent of gollum talking to bilbo baggins.
Hee, so funny. My favorite is step 6.
Well, I just did what I usually do with dye and it turned out fine. I should have used both packages of dye, maybe, to get a darker brown, but much of the yellow-brown is covered.

Now I need to purchase three new buttons (one of the originals is missing and I don't have three that will work in my button box), and have the jacket professionally pressed.

The care label originally called for dry cleaning, but I guessed that - being cotton velvet with a nylon lining - it had already been washed. No apparent shrinkage. One of the shoulder pads got a little twisted, but, lucky me, it was in the side where the stitching has come out of the lining a bit, so I was able to reach my hand in and straighten it out.
j.kaori said…
Congrats! I'm not brave enough to dye anything, especially if the instructions are in a foreign language!

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