Child's Waistcoat Burda Mag 06-2009-142

Peter specifically requested that I make him a waistcoat (buttoned vest) after seeing some in a shop. I had this pattern and since I want to make a waistcoat for myself, this made a good trial run.

He picked out his fabric. Well... that's not entirely true. I told him what kinds of fabric he could pick - otherwise he would have had bright red satin on the outside. So he ended up choosing a paisley printed corduroy and an ombre blue lining. He chose shiny black faceted buttons as well. (Vancouver is such a casually dressed place. I think it makes us all crave something a little fancy.)

The pattern went together very well. I left out the darts - Peter's belly is bigger than his chest. In fact, it was all smooth sailing until I tried to make the buttonholes. Hmmm. Does that sound familiar? Everything going well until the buttonholes? I'm beginning to think my machine just can't make a good buttonhole in anything other than quilting cotton. Bleh. I did make test buttonholes and found that I needed to run the fabric lining side up with a piece of tissue underneath the corduroy. Even so I ended up picking out two buttonholes - which was painstaking, neck breaking, eye straining work. I did manage to avoid tearing the lining fabric, but only just. If only I had more space, I would totally buy an old solid machine and one of those vintage buttonhole making devices.

Here is the collage of the waistcoat. It turned out nicely. I have no idea when he will wear it since he wears sweatpants and t-shirts fairly exclusively. Click on the collage for a larger view.

Next up, I am making this skirt for myself. I am using these fabrics:

The brocade is for the waistband/yoke and the wool I have cut on the bias for the skirt (the pattern called for stretch fabric). This wool is like a blanket. I found it in the remnant bin at Dressew. It originally had a open rough looking weave. I tossed it in the washer and dryer and it shrunk and felted a bit. Now it is spongy and soft.

This is the best photo I could come up with to show how thick the fabric is. The cut edge you see there is along the bias. It is doubled and scrunched in my hand.

Other changes to this pattern include adding a lining and adding a walking vent (slit) at the back - which also means adding a center back seam, so I am considering moving the zipper to the back as well.

Wednesday is my sewing day. I hope to get a fair bit done on the skirt!


He looks very fancy in his formal vest--what a fun idea for a little boy.
j.kaori said…
Your son looks too cute! I hope he has an occasion to wear it!
kbenco said…
That is one cute vest. Next he will want a pirate shirt to go with it...if your boy sewing is anything like my experience!

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