Holy Packaging, Batman!

On Friday, I found a little notice on my door that said a delivery had been attempted and that my package was now being held for pick-up. Of course, I wasn't allowed to attempt to pick up said package until after 11 AM Monday. Annoying, but whatever, I can't do anything about it.
I get to the pick-up location this afternoon and am handed this large lightweight box. I can't remember anything that I have ordered from this company that would necessitate such a large box. In fact I can only recall ordering one thing (which I fully expected to arrive in a large padded envelope).

Yes folks, it was the item I ordered. A real thread chart for Guterman's 100% polyester thread. Check out the photos below. That is a seriously excessive amount of packaging!

And, in Advent news, Saturday's activity bombed. Usually the kids are all for a play bath, but David let the girls have a long playing bath the night before and Lucy really had her hopes up for something ridiculously exciting. She literally broke into tears.
Sunday's activity was build a fort. This went quite well, but was difficult to photograph. Here is Peter inside the thing before it collapsed.


julia said…
Oh I know you must have felt awful when she cried, but kids are resilient. The fort looks like so much fun. My grands love to build them too. Actually, I remember building them myself a loooonnnnnggggg time ago. My daughters loved to play in tents, forts, etc... too.

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