Feeling Better

Thanks to all of you who willingly read through my rant yesterday.

Today I took the opportunity to tidy up my sewing table while the kids were glued to a video. Then, during naptime, I finished fixing Lucy's impromptu skirt from a couple of weeks ago and had Peter help me trace and cut out the pattern pieces for the waistcoat he wants. That went so quickly that I even managed to cut out and quickly stitch up a muslin for the waistcoat in a cheap fabric from my stash (thin poly-cotton cow print anyone?). I need to add width to the side fronts and maybe a tad to the neckline, but it looks like the hardest part will be the buttonholes.

I sewed nothing for myself, but I feel better.

Wardrobe update: I stopped in at American Apparel* today to check out their t-shirts. I didn't find anything I wanted to try on, but I might have missed something, so I will check their website. I took a look at their leggings. HOLY MOLY! They want something like $50 for a pair of leggings. Zoinks! I have a leggings pattern I downloaded from burdastyle. I need to get on making a muslin for those.

* Which is worse, buying from a company with potentially sketchy employment practices (sweatshops overseas) or buying from a company with advertising that seems to exploit women?


Anonymous said…
Ah. The dilemma.

It is so hard to try and purchase clothes from responsible retailers, (I do try and shop at thrift shops, but somethings, at least in my books, must be new). I have no doubt that I am giving some of my money to some retailers with a terrible record, but I try my best to make wise decisions...

...as for American Apparel. The CEO disgusts me, and I will never support that company with my money.

Here is an article you might find interesting, and which helped make my decision:

- robin
123 123 said…
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Oh how I love spam...
Jack said…
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