Afternoon Advent Activities

Hello Everyone! We are three days into advent and the kids seem to be enjoying the activities. There is some resistance on Peter's part (my 6 going on 16 year old - angst and attitude aplenty), but so far he has gone along with things and even enjoyed himself. Here's what our calendar looks like:

We have clothespinned the mini manilla envelopes to a piece of twill tape pinned to the wall above some windows in the sunroom. Each envelope contains a slip of paper with an activity and a chocolate coin (fair trade chocolate purchased at Ten Thousand Villages). The kids are rotating through opening the envelopes and, thus, eating the chocolate coins.

The first day of Advent, we made hot chocolate with whipped cream. Hot chocolate is a rare treat in our house - our stance being that picky eaters do not get to eat as many sweets as non-picky eaters.

As you might have noticed in the collage above, the second day of Advent we played Uno. None of the kids can manage to hold their cards, so it's a very open game. We also keep playing even after the first person runs out of cards. It's just friendlier that way.

Today, the third day of Advent, we made paper snowflakes. We made some traditional square-paper-folded-in-triangles snowflakes, but we also tried something new. The December 2009 issue of Burda included instructions for making the large curly snowflake you see in the upper left corner. (We will hang it in Peter's room tomorrow.)

And just in case I am not able to keep up with photographing our advent activities, here is our official list. (We omitted stringing anything edible to hang on trees outside due to a very present raccoon population.)

  1. Make hot chocolate with whipped cream
  2. Play Uno
  3. Make paper snowflakes
  4. Begin a giant picture
  5. Have a play bath
  6. Build a fort
  7. Have pancakes for dinner
  8. Make a windboat
  9. Make fingerprint people and animals
  10. Make paper chains
  11. Donate old towels to an animal shelter
  12. Bake cookies
  13. Go for a walk in the woods
  14. Take pictures of each other
  15. Thank someone for being nice
  16. Dress fancy for dinner
  17. Give everyone a wild hairstyle
  18. Write letters to far away friends
  19. Play soccer
  20. Look at Christmas lights after dinner
  21. Make silhouette portraits
  22. Paint everyone's toenails
  23. Sing Christmas carols
  24. Make a shining star


Uta said…
That is a lovely list. Great ideas. I'll try to remember and return next year... This year the kids have far too many sweets in their calendar!
julia said…
My daughter is doing something similar with her kids. Fun!
Update: Day four nearly bombed. We have two large-ish drawings - one mermaid by Lucy, one Star Wars scene by Peter. Clara did not want to participate and the other two had visions that were too conflicting to resolve into one cooperative image.

Oh well. So much for togetherness. (They did still have something to do while they wait for Christmas and that's the point, really.)
Mary said…
So for #22 do the guys go for that in your family?
j.kaori said…
How fun! The snowflakes turned out great!
Mary, of course! It is deeply Vancouver winter here, so no one will be the wiser.

Peter loves nail polish and has discovered that now that he is in school, the only way he can acceptably dabble with polish is to have it on his toes.

I did check with David to see if he would allow us to paint his toes. He is a good sport and is willing to try lots of different things - particularly around the kids. We limit them enough in many other ways (table manners come immediately to mind), why fuss over something that is neither permanent, immoral, nor life-threatening?

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