Hey Everyone!

I am still here and still sewing (just cranked out a yellow nightgown for Clara, a black long sleeved t-shirt with yellow at the neck and hems for Lucy - her request, and almost finished a yellow boat necked 3/4 length top for me).

The All Handmade Sale is barely over a week away and I still have to stain and clear coat the checkers, make buttons for the checkerboard bags, finish one more checkerboard, finish the bookmarks, and hem the last 6 handkerchiefs.

I also have to pick up 6 tables, finish the table layout for the sale, find websites with images of craft sales to send suggestions to all of the vendors, find paper and make business cards, find ribbon and bags for packaging, find a cloth for my table....

And still eat and sleep and try to pay attention to my kids and visit my friends who are in town this weekend.

I also had a massage today and as a result, I will be changing some things in my sewing space. But that will make for a lovely post of its own!

See you soon!


Julia said…
Hmmmmm? I'm interested in how getting a massage will change the way things are set up in your sewing space.
Sabrina/Ryan said…
hey friend. just checking in to say "hey!". the costumes turned out great. i hope your work for the handmade sale goes well....if you ever get a chance i would like to commission some things from you! miss you, love, sabrina

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