The All Handmade Sale 2009

That's me at my table! I wore my cozy wrap sweater (and long johns) and it's a good thing I did. I was right in a draft from the open door. The sale was a great success. Each vendor agreed to donate 10% of their sales to Salsbury Community Society and all together we raised around about $1000!

I sold all five checker board sets that were finished and brought along my sewing machine to work on two more that were already spoken for. Several backpack doll carriers went home to delight children. A host of handkerchiefs found happy homes as well.

Along with the two checkerboard sets that I need to finish for folks at Peter's school, I took orders for an art smock and a moebius scarf. The scarf was a last minute idea. I had forgotten that I wanted to make them for the sale until two days before. I made two - one according to the instructions that were in last fall's issue of Stitch magazine, and one a bit bigger as I found the smaller size to be unflattering and difficult to get on and off my ginormous head.

There are several backpack doll carriers left (and PLENTY more materials to make a ton more) so I might try figuring out how to set up an etsy shop. Just as soon as I get out of bed. A flu thing that I was fighting off has attacked full force. Bleh.

Help Requested!
I am trying to come up with a good etsy shop name. SarahSews is taken SarahSewsSimply is available, but seems long. Do any of you have brilliant ideas? This is your chance to comment if you are usually comment-shy.

Second Update
I have scarlet fever and probably have strep throat. I'll have amoxicillin, thanks. Maybe make it a double. (Just kidding, though the doctor did say that if I am feeling any shortness of breath that i should go straight to emerg.)


Chris and Tiana said…
Clara Beth still loves her backpack doll carrier, although for her it's really her bunny carrier. She wears it a lot, especially when she's going somewhere with other kids because she's afraid someone will take her bunny. She loves that thing!
julia said…
Congrats on a successful show.
KM said…
I don't think length is an issue. I usually search etsy by item and then once I find a seller I like, I just "add to favorites" with a click.

How about SewSarah? SarahSimplySews? SarahSewn? SewnbySarah? SarahStitched?

You've got me stuck on alliteration!

Let us know how to find you once you decide.
SarahSimplySews is available as is SarahSewn.

Over on facebook, folks have suggested ThimbleberryPie and SarahsThread both of which are available. ThimbleberrySewing is also available,but might be too cutesy.

I'm not cutesy. I am both dramatic and practical.
j.kaori said…
Congrats on your successful show! Hope you are on the road to recovery --- I've been sick for over a week and am finally beginning to feel somewhat better.
Anonymous said…
I kind of like Sarahs Thread (with a link to your blog??) Thimbleberry sounds a little too cutesy for you.

For you are dramatic AND practical.

Sabrina/Ryan said…
how about "second floor sewing" or "second floor sarah"? i can't wait to see what you put in your etsy store. also, the next time i make it to facebook, maybe today since my students will be taking a test, i am going to look you up. i am a bad/inconsistent facebook friend but i love it in theory.

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