Well, I shouldn't have done it, but while I was sticking my head in the sand last night playing at the computer when I should have been sleeping or sewing or staining checkers, I tried out a new background for my blog. I didn't like it so attempted to revert it back to the usual orange. This should have worked well since I hadn't saved any changes.

But I lost all of my links to the blogs that I had listed on my sidebar. I have recovered most of them, but if your blog is usually on my list and it isn't now, please leave me a comment and I will add it. Also, if you are a real life friend of mine or have a sewing blog that you would like me to add to my list, leave a comment and I will add it.

I've also been thinking about adding a list of fashion/style blogs that I regularly read as well. Does anyone have any preferences about this?


doris said…
i currently have no fashion sense, so any encouragement in that area would be appreciated. (oh how far this member of the mini-skirt brigade has fallen).

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