Wednesday Sewing; Simplicity 2603 - DKNY Cozy Knock-off

I did it! (almost - it still needs to be hemmed)

In retrospect, the fabric I chose was less than stellar and Lucy (my fashionable 4 year old) informed me that it looked like a towel. But, it is comfortable and (appropriately) cozy. Perhaps when styled a bit better (rather than thrown on over my not-leaving-the-house t-shirt) it will look less like a bathrobe.

On to the photos!

Remember back when I made the muslin? I never got around to making the sleeves. This morning I stitched and set in one of the sleeves on the muslin. I had read that the sleeves were bit tight, and I want to be able to wear this sweater over long sleeved shirts, so I cut the sleeves to medium and then used a 3/8" seam allowance rather than the 5/8" called for. Pretty good fit I thought.

Then I had to finish ripping out the stitching on the sweater knit. One of the selvedges was a bit ratty and I was worried about it unraveling in the wash, so I stitched the fabric along the selvedge as well as the cut edge before pre-shrinking. Unfortunately, this 100% polyester knit was so spongey that the stitches sank right in and ripping them out took FOREVER.

ETA: I looked at many wool jerseys and wool blend jerseys (and sweater knits) and I tried to like them, but they made my skin itch (and they cost $5 - $10 more per meter). And since I couldn't find any cotton/rayon sweater knit, I went with the polyester.

(Note the set-in sleeve illustration just above the ruler? Silly Simplicity.)

The texture of this fabric gave me quite some trouble - chiefly because my hands are very dry from hand washing dishes and pin pricked from sewing. This made handling this fabric a bit of a pain. Then it came time to reinforce the shoulder seams. I chose to use clear elastic but struggled to get the stuff positioned properly. I decided to try a little glue stick. It worked! I smeared glue on one side of the clear elastic and then stuck it down in place. The glue held well enough to keep the elastic in place without pins (which is tricky with this stuff).

Here is my almost finished cozy. Tonight I think I will finish hemming it. I also think I will attach a large snap to the top corners of the drape, because this fabric does not knot well.


Julia said…
Ummmm.... warm and cozy is right!!! That would feel good with the cool weather we've been having.
Looks very cozy! I love the color.
Anonymous said…
I think it looks great!

Great color for you....
Anonymous said…
that was me.

- robin
Even though it was a lot of trouble it looks cute and cozy!
j.kaori said…
The color is really great and it looks super cozy!
Anonymous said…
Good to know that you will always have an honest and fashionable soul for feedback in Lucy.

Anonymous said…
wooow what agreat work
my dear am wondering if could u send me the pattern design which u have it in book or paper
because i tried to find it but nothing is there
this is my e.mail
karadut said…
hey! you are great! can you send me the pattern too?

thank you!
Sigita said…
I think too it looks great!
Could you send me the pattern too? Thanks a lot!

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