Wednesday Sewing - costume work and Jalie 2804

No photos today. I have got to figure out a better way to take photos of the garments I make for myself (David is almost no help).

On Wednesday I put the zipper into Lucy's costume and did a little hand sewing - tacking down facings, seam allowances, etc. I still need to hem the dress and add another two rows of stitching to attach the bow at the waist.

I also cut out and made a muslin of Jalie 2804. I was working with fabric that was not quite as stretchy as the pattern called for and I needed to make a full bust adjustment, but my attempts didn't quite work. The crossover bit needs to be smaller, the lower bodice and back need to be shorter in length, and the arms need to be bigger in width. It ended up being a lovely shirt for someone 4 to 6 inches taller than me with thinner, toned arms.

Well, almost lovely. The fabric that I bought at Fabricana was scratchy and a bit stiff. It's cotton knit. Not terribly stretchy, so it must not have much lycra. It's thin - definitely shirt weight, but almost hard or crunchy or something. Fabricana has a fabulous quilting cotton selection (better than the local quilting shop) and some very nice higher end fashion fabrics, but their "regular" knits leave much to be desired.

I was going to rip out all of the stitching last night at our church meeting (other people bring their knitting...), but then I decided to give the shirt to my tall friend to try on. We shall see.


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