Handmade Sale Sewing Saturday #1

David and I looked at our calendars for the next few months and things are looking pretty crazy - particularly November. So we decided to do what we did last year - I take three or four Saturdays to take an entire work day to sew for the sale. I was hoping to avoid this with my 45 minutes a day work, but I wasn't sure.

So this sewing Saturday I hemmed 8 handkerchiefs (completing all of the purple metallic stripe fabric), cut much of my fabric scraps into bookmark size pieces, and nearly completed 6 Baby Doll Backpack Carriers (2 in each of three colourways). I had hoped to also make the rest of the checkerboard binding, but watching Project Runway and Glee while doing handwork got in the way of that.

And all of that after the fuse for my sewing room died. We blew it with a space heater, got it switched back on and then killed it again. This hasn't been repaired yet, so everything in the sewing room is running on extension cords attached to extension cords (a word to Cat - please tell Mr. Safety that I know this situation is fraught with peril).

I was disappointed that I didn't get the 6 backpacks finished, but I'm glad to have made significant progress.


Anonymous said…
FRAUGHT with peril, Sarah. I'm sure he will have something to say about it, and you wouldn't want to burn down that nice new house now would you?

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