Costume Help Needed, Stat!

Lucy's princess costume is all but done. I just need to tack down the seam allowance in one sleeve so it doesn't bug her. Photos to come soon!

Peter's R2D2 costume is coming along, but I am stuck on the the droid's legs/feet. But first let me show you what I have been working on in the meantime... The domed headpiece.

Here is Peter wearing a muslin of the half-sphere. I love that he is just smiling a little because he is excited about the costume but he doesn't know when I am going to actually snap the picture. Big thanks to Geoff 42 for posting his instructions for sewing a sphere of any diameter a couple of years ago. The internet is good. Upon reflection, I decided to remove one of the panels so I didn't have to add something stiff to the outer edge to hold the round shape. This also makes it a bit smaller and thus, more manageable for Peter.

Here is the headpiece minus the R2D2 embellishments. I have used a grey "wet look" vinyl, glue sticked to thick polar fleece and sewn together into the dome. Then I took a panel out of my muslin, sewed it back together, trimmed it and used it as a lining. I folded the edges of the grey vinyl and fleece under and hot glued them to the lining (a home dec fabric from Ikea). More embellishments have been added, but it is too dark to take photos, now.

Here Peter is wearing the body of the costume. It is simply a rectangle of white vinyl and two layers of polar fleece (for body) with velcro closures at the back and straps that are sewn on the back and velcroed on the front. Leg ideas, anyone? here is a picture of R2D2, just to refresh your memory. The costume's body piece is soft, but unwieldy, and I am stumped.

And, just in the interest of honesty and because Little Hunting Creek had to clean her sewing room because her in-laws were visiting, I leave you with a collage of the sty that is my workspace. I do need to clean it, because I can't think in there anymore.

Honestly, how have I been ironing? Where do I stand? And I obviously need a new method for organizing my sharps since that drawer is open almost all the time. And my beloved Peter stuffed his PJ pants into my machine as a less-than-subtle message that he wants them fixed.


julia said…
Perhaps you could attach shoe boxes or the lids to the tops of his shoes. You could cut out around his ankles and tape them back together behind his heel. You could then attach a tube of vinyl in this opening and velcro it shut behind his legs. Like pants legs with the shoe box lids attached to the bottom of them. If I could draw it out I think you would get my idea better. You're doing a great job so far, so I'm sure you'll come up with something.
Michael said…
I think that R2D2's legs should come from Peter's arms. They wouldn't be weight-bearing, but they are a major R2D2 feature, and his two real legs sticking out at the bottom will not make much of a difference with larger and more impressive "arm-legs" out his sides.

He'd obviously need a hole in those (maybe a cloth covered hole in the front), so he could reach out and grab the candy.

Might be careful how long you make the body, too, as there are a lot of steps in your area to climb to get said candy.

Looks awesome! Way to go (again!).

We need to think about starting Joe's costume and finding an idea for Ian. (heh, now don't you feel ahead of the game?)
Good thinking, Michael.

I was toying with that idea sometime this morning, but I haven't tried it out yet. I'm thinking cardboard painted white and some kind of lightweight metal conduit for the cables.

Should work... hopefully.
Michael said…
I was thinking perhaps PVC pipe of larger diameter might work for part of it, though it might be too heavy. It would be cool if the outer legs were anchored to the main part of the costume so that Peter wouldn't have to actually carry the legs for the whole evening.

good luck!
2 litre milk cartons (or the like)! That's the size and shape that will work... now to find four empty cartons.
j.kaori said…
So cool that you are making an R2D2 costume! He will look adorable!
Sabrina/Ryan said…
you know i have absolutely no crafty advice worth giving, but I wanted to say i love love the costume and your endeavor to make it fun with your kids! miss you!

love, sabrina (whose girls are going as a frog and a cat, both hand me downs from a friend!)
Cute!! What a genius idea! and my sewing room is still clean because the guests just left. I have all day tomorrow to mess it up again :)

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