45 Minutes Per Day; Oct 5 - Oct 9

the red red robin goes bob bob bobbin' along...

Monday I finished the 6 backpacks I nearly finished on Sewing Saturday #1 (except for the labels)
Tuesday found me stitching the ends of 22 webbing and clip sets for more backpacks. I got maybe 2/3 of the way through all of the steps there.
Wednesday was an odd day. Instead of sewing anything for the sale, I worked on a bulletin insert for my church to summon vendors and I fiddled around with making a facebook event page.
Thursday Clara went to a friend's house in the morning so I cut checkers from two sticks that Lucy and I found. Even after I weed through them again, I think I will have 150 checkers from those two sticks. I also prepped several labels to be hand sewn onto my completed projects.
Friday I didn't officially take 45 minutes, but I did bring a bag full of completed projects, labels and hand sewing gear along with me to our local family drop-in and to the playground after school. Everything has a label now, but in the future, I am going to sew those blasted labels on before I construct each item. (Hello, Tedious?)


I need to start my 30 minutes a day routine to get my holiday sewing completed - good for you for sticking to it

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